A canine sport that continues to grow every year, Agility is exciting for both participants and observers.  Racing against the clock, the handler directs the dog through a course of obstacles including tunnels, weave poles, jumps and more.  Not just an athletic sport, agility requires the handler to plan how to approach each jump or obstacle and requires the dog to look to the handler for direction.  It is truly a team sport.

Collies in Agility

Collies are naturally athletic and love agility and many have obtained the highest agility titles. Bred as a working dog herding livestock, Collies easily take to running, jumping and following their handler’s direction.

Overlake Collie Club Agility trial

The Overlake Collie Club is proud to host an AKC Agility trial every fall.  Held in Mt. Vernon, WA, the trial is open to all breeds of dog (purebred and mixed) that are registered with the AKC.

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