Scottish Highland Games 2023

Continuing the tradition of years past, the Overlake Collie Club proudly participated in the 2023 Scottish Highland Games. 

As part of the “Celtic Kennel”, members’ dogs were showcased as representatives of the Collie Breed.  Along with several other dog breeds, the Collie has its origins in the Scottish Highlands where they were bred for herding sheep and other animals.

The annual Scottish Highland Games attracts hundreds of people celebrating the traditions, clothing, music and activities of Scottish heritage.  The Celtic Kennel provides the public a chance to see in person the Scottish dog breeds.

In the Celtic Kennel arena, Overlake Collie Club had an educational display with several dogs available for the public to see closeup in person and to pet.  Children in particular were delighted to visit with our well-behaved Collies!  Club members answered a variety of questions from both children and adults about the breed and dog ownership. 

Our Collies were also proud to participate in the daily Opening Ceremony parade with the other Scottish dog breeds following the presentation of the clans.  As each dog breed went before the grandstands, a history of the breed was given by the announcer while the public watched the dogs and their handlers pass by.

Later in the afternoon, the dog individual breeds were also on display in the Celtic Kennel ring in the “Celtic Kennel Grand Review”.   Dogs of each breed were brought in the ring and a history was shared with the public in attendance.

Our club appreciates the opportunity to educate the public about Collies and promote responsible dog ownership.  It was a fun day for our members and Collies, and a memorable one for the people who visited with our wonderful 4-footed ambassadors!