The Collie as a Family Dog

Loyal, gentle and beautiful, Collies are a welcome addition to any family. Collies love living with and working alongside people of all ages.

For children, a Collie can be a friend and protector. Quick to learn, a family Collie can teach young children the joy of training a dog while they learn responsibility in caring for their best friend. As a watch dog, Collies are quick to warn of intruders in the yard and have been know to protect family members.

Adults appreciate Collies for the same reasons as children and more. A versatile dog, Collies provide opportunities to work and play work with their human family such as herding on a farm, hiking trails, therapy visits to nursing homes, companion dogs for people with mobility challenges and more. Families also appreciate that Collies are a generally healthy breed, needing average care and grooming.

For more information on the Collies as part of your family, please see:

The Collie As A Family Dog” – Collie Club of America