Celebrating Overlake Collie Club’s 80th Anniversary!

Just before World War II, the Cascade Collie Club was the Collie Club for the Greater Seattle area holding meetings in Seattle. The Borger family, of five who lived on the east side of Lake Washington were charter members of the old Cascade Collie Club. They would gladly give rides to two or three others from the east side to attend Cascade meetings. But then due to gasoline rationing it became impossible to spare the gasoline for the 40-mile round trip each month. Therefore at the September 1942 meeting of the Cascade Club, Mrs. Borger suggested that as it was no longer possible for them to attend meetings in Seattle, she would like to try to start a club on the east side of Lake Washington with the idea that when the war was over, the two clubs would either unite or at least, co-operate in putting on Collie Specialty Shows. This suggestion met with the approval of the Cascade Club, and so in October 1942, Mrs. Borger invited anyone on the east side of the lake who was interested in pure-bred Collies to meet at her home for the purpose of organizing a Collie club.

Those present at the first meeting were: Mrs. Gordon Dempsay, Miss Margaret Golden, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Whipple, Mrs. Wallick and Lindy and the five Borgers. Mrs. Dempsay was elected President and Mr. Whipple Secretary, Mrs. Gouge and Mr. and Mrs. Sterne were among the first new members. There were others who wanted to join, among them Mr. Murphy and Bill Baylis but in fairness to the Cascade Club, the membership was limited strictly to residents of the east side, hence the name “Overlake Collie Club’. As there were only a couple of months left of the year, it was unanimously voted to re-elect the same officers for the year 1943.

Once the Cascade Club dropped out of existence, the Overtake Club opened their membership rolls to any who wanted to join, study and promote the collie breed. In only a few short years
{1946) the club membership rose to 76 members. The Overtake Clarion Newsletter helped with education and club active news as a number of members were from other parts of Washington and other states. The meetings were continued at the Borger’s home until the end of the 1940’s when Mrs. Borger’s health restricted her activities. The club held four AKC Specialty Shows by 1948 with Past CCA President Ed Myers judging the one in 1948. Mr. Ed Myers had become a close friend of 1947 OCC President James A (Mickey) McGlynn after McGlynn effectively hosted (without prior notice) and gathered 22 members together on the 4th of July for dinner and Collie kennel visiting for Mr. Myers.

For 80 years, Overlake has had hundreds of equally devoted faithful members who have promoted the Collie breed from Western Washington. They have supported regional, national and international Collie and all-breed events and activities thru their love of showcasing the Collie and promoting responsible collie dog ownership.

Please join us while we reflect and rejoice regarding our club’s first 80 years and help to toast our loving Collie efforts in the next 80 years!