About our club

Since its founding in 1942, the Overlake Collie Club has been promoting the Collie breed in Western Washington. Our members participate in club sponsored activities as well as local events with the goal of showcasing the Collie and promoting responsible dog ownership. To achieve these goals, the club also supports other local and national Collie and all-breed clubs by sponsoring events and providing assistance where needed.

In February each year, the Overlake Collie Club co-sponsors an AKC “Specialty” show for Collies where over 80 dogs compete for the Rough Collie Best of Breed and Smooth Collie Best of Breed. In conjunction with the Specialty Show, the club also sponsors all-breed Obedience and Rally trials at the same location. For those interested in Agility, every Fall the club sponsors an all-breed AKC Agility trial.

To further the goal of educating the public about Collies and responsible dog ownership, the Overlake Collie Club participates in local public events such as the Highland Games (showcasing the Collie’s Scottish heritage) and “Meet the Breeds” events at local events.

Club events for members encourage building personal relationships through sharing information and experiences with Collies. At the summer picnic and the Christmas party, members (and at the picnic, their Collies!) share fun, food and a common interest.